Product Information:-

Handle: 11.50 cm   Blade: 20.50 cm

Sharpening Steel.

Essential tool to realign the edge of knives.

Hold the sharpening steel point down on your work surface.

Place the knife blade against the sharpening steel.

Angle the knife at 20 degrees.

Adjust the degree to a lower angle for a sharper edge, or a higher angle for a more durable one.

Run the blade down the sharpening steel as you pull it toward you.

Run the other side of the knife down the steel.

Hone each side of the knife blade 5 to 10 times.

Wipe the blade clean with a soft cloth.

Test the sharpness of your knife.

Care Instructions:-

Rinse and handwash immediately with soft sponge and gentle detergent after use.

Wipe dry before store. Store in safe dry place.

Avoid immersing in water especially in high salt concentration.

Prolonged contact with acidic and salty substances may cause corrosive effect.

Weight0.250 kg
Dimensions32.00 cm
Country of Origin



Stainless Steel AISI 420