Cleaver Knife 6″ x 1 – Handle 11.50 cm   Blade 18.00 cm

Sontoku Knife 7″ x 1 – Handle 11.50 cm   Blade 17.30 cm

Boning Knife 5″ x 1 – Handle 10.00 cm   Blade 13.00 cm

Acrylic Stand x 1

Product Information:-

Ergonomically shaped.

Full bar ABS handle that fits our shape of hand.

Ensuring secure grip and comfort.

Extremely handy and comfortable even for usage over an extended period of time.

Care Instructions:-

Rinse and handwash immediately with soft sponge and gentle detergent after use.

Wipe dry before store. Store in safe dry place.

Avoid immersing in water especially in high salt concentration.

Prolonged contact with acidic and salty substances may cause corrosive effect, particularly the blade.

Weight0.936 kg
Dimensions16.00 × 12.00 × 32.00 cm
Country of Origin



Stainless Steel AISI 420